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Keep your home's electrical system updated

Faulty wiring can have many negative consequences for both a home and those who dwell in it. It can blow an HVAC system, negatively impact an entire electrical system, or even cause a fire. Save yourself thousands of dollars and protect your investment by hiring an electrical contractor who will get the job done right – Gary & Charles Knoebel Electric, Inc.



 •  Computer wiring

 •  Cable wiring

 •  Phone wiring

 •  Hot tub wiring

 •  Pool wiring

 •  Air conditioning

 •  Generators

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Whether we’re wiring your generator, your computer, or your swimming pool, rest assured knowing that since 1972, we’ve been helping residential and commercial customers properly wire their homes. Our contractors are skilled, knowledgeable veterans of the electrical industry who aren’t in the business to make a quick buck – they work with YOUR safety and well-being in mind.